Cocolatte Baby Car Seat CS28 (Black)

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Disewakan Oleh: Daniela

– Reclining Position: 140 degrees

– Foldable Canopy
– Adjustable Handle
– Place Rear-facing on Vehicle Seat
– Thread Vehicle Lap Belt through Car Seat Slots and Buckle Belt
– Pull Front to Back and Left to Right to Check for Secure Installation
– Do not Use a Rear-facing Car Seat on Front Passenger Seat where a Passenger Side Airbag is Fitted
– Airbag Inflates Rapidly and can Throw a Rear-facing Child Restraint into Seat Back with a Great Force, which cam Injure Child
– From New Born – 13kg (New born – 1 year)

Periode Sewa

1 Bulan ( 4 Minggu ), 3 Bulan ( 12 Minggu )


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